Digital Information

Important Information About Digital

All eligible students will receive a laptop when available
It will be beneficial for students to have access to the internet at home.
Internet options for digital schools:
A map of free community WiFi is available at
Please contact your local provider for discount WiFi options

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The OCPS Learning Management System is called Canvas


Canvas is the OCPS-adopted Learning Management System for the digital classroom. Students will visit Canvas to check their calendar for upcoming due dates, access course materials, and submit assignments. Parents can use Canvas to keep up with their student's calendar and assignments using the Canvas Parent App. For more information about Canvas.

Purpose: The LaunchED Family Technology Handbook is designed to provide an overview of the digital learning program in Orange County Public Schools. The handbook is published annually here.

Navigation: A table of contents is available by clicking the outline icon on the bottom of the screen. The LaunchED Family Technology Handbook can be navigated using the left and right arrows at the bottom of the screen. Additional information can be found by clicking on images or image captions.
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Devices/Tech Help
If you are in need of Tech Help and have a student that is doing LaunchEd @ home, then please make an appointment here.

FAQ's For Digital Technology

Q: I cannot access Skyward:

A: The biggest thing is that the parent has to ensure that all of their information is correct in our registration system. If they are trying to login with a number or email that is different than what Southwest has on file then it will not work for them. Please follow the steps below and try using first their email and if that does not work then their phone. If there are still issues with the account and their information is identical as what is in Skyward (as the parent) then a digital ticket can be submitted to the District. Please  make sure that you have logged into the launchpad app before logging into Skyward, since it is an app from launchpad.

Also, Skyward is still not updated and it it possible that it might take a few days so please be patient as those digital transfers are still taking place. 

Make sure that you are set up in Skyward correctly, with the matching information that the school has on file. If there information needs to be updated, please contact the school. For students not having access, it is most likely a password problem or an information issue that is on file with the school.

Q: My Passwords to Chrome and Computers is not working:

A: Some students coming from 6th grade are trying to use their old passwords from elementary. Please make sure that you are creating a new password so that your new information can transfer. It can also take a few days for apps to load in launchpad but the only way students can log into their computer and google is if they have updated their password. Southwest does not keep passwords. In the event that they forgot it, they have to go through the password reset and sign this year's AUP for them to have full access to their systems. They need to be on OCPS WiFi which they can access from any school's parking lot.

Here are the steps tp update a password:

1. Sign out of the computer completely

2. Sign into the computer with the words studentid (as their user name and their password)

3. They fill out their name, date of birth in the format displayed, and their ID number and follow the steps to create a secret question, a secret answer and their password. 

***For students resetting their password, hit the tab to reset and then proceed. You will need your secret answer and your network ID is your student number. 

5. They fill out their name, date of birth in the format displayed, and their ID number and follow the steps to create a secret question, a secret answer and their password. If they are resetting then they need to remember their secret answer from when they created the password.

6. Once they create a password, they sign out of the computer and sign back in while still on the OCPS network with their actual student ID number updated (new) password.

****Please make sure that they are not using their name as their user name

7. They then will login to launchpad with their student ID number and new password and hit auto login. From there, they can go to google and login. They need to use their [email protected] and their new password that they created. 

Q: I cannot see all my courses in Canvas

A: Please ensure that when you go to Canvas, you click on courses, and then 'All Courses.' Please also star your current year courses as last year's could possibly still be on there.
Schedules are still being updated and it will take 24-48 hours for those schedules to reflect in Canvas. In the meantime, please email your teachers so that you can still have the necessary links to access the course materials.