Testing Information


Make Up Testing Information (as of May 21):
FSA, EOC, and most of our CFE testing has been completed, as of May 21. 
CFE make up testing will take place on Monday (5/24) at 1:30pm. Any student for any CFE can come to the gym to take their missing test. This includes LaunchED students, face-to-face students, students who were absent, students who did not turn their cameras on, or students who had technical difficulties during testing.

There will be summer make up testing for EOCs and CFEs testing on the following dates. Students will need to call the front desk to let us know they will be testing before July 1.
- CFE make ups on July 12-13
- Algebra/Geometry EOC make ups on July 14 and 15
- Civics EOC make ups on July 16

For questions regarding testing at Southwest, please contact our testing coordinator, Katie Brown, at [email protected]