Bell Schedule

Southwest Middle School Bell Schedules

For Virtual and LaunchED Instruction


Bell schedules will be followed by all students both on campus and attending virtually.

LaunchED students are expected to log in and be present in their virtual class period for

the indicated time on the schedule. Please note that schedules are dictated based on

lunch periods. Generally, 6th Graders take Lunch A, 7th Graders take Lunch B, and 8th

Graders take Lunch C. However, there may be some individual students with

exceptions to this based on course enrollment. Your lunch period will be confirmed by

your 2nd, 3rd, and/or 4th period teachers during the first day of school.

Select your schedule:

Lunch A

(most 6th graders)

Lunch B

(most 7th graders)

Lunch C

(most 8th graders)