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Southwest Middle School offers one of the most comprehensive STEM programs in all of OCPS.  At every grade level, we have adopted Project Lead the Way (PLTW), an internationally used engineering curriculum.  Below each class that is offered has two names. The first name is the OCPS name for the class and the second name is the PLTW name for the same class.  PLTW classes are also offered at Dr. Phillips High School and Olympia High School.

STEM Elective offerings at Southwest Middle Schools:

6th Grade Semester One

Introduction to Technology/Science of Technology

This class is an introduction to the engineering design process.


6th Grade Semester Two

Exploring Technology and Career Planning/Medical Detectives

This class is an introduction to STEM in life and medical science.


7th Grade Semester One

Introduction to Production Technologies/Design and Modeling

This class is a 2D and 3D designing class that include computer aided design.


7th Grade Semester Two

Introduction to Aerospace Technologies/Flight and Space

This class explores aerospace technologies.


8th Grade Semester One

Transportation Technology/Automation and Robotics

This class explores building and programming robots.


8th Grade Semester Two

Exploring Technology/Magic of Electrons

This class explores basic electronics.