Social Studies

Social Studies

Social studies provides students with interdisciplinary knowledge of the different social sciences. Students will acquire the habits of the mind necessary to become reflective and responsible citizens of our nation and the world.

Students will…

  • Understand the significance of the past and its influence on the present.
  • Be mindful of both change and continuity in our lives.
  • Appreciate the challenges and opportunities created by an increasingly interdependent global community.
  • Recognize the personal character traits of people who have made a difference in history.
  • Read various types of information while learning to ask appropriate questions to distinguish fact from opinion.
  • Research information using a variety of sources and effectively communicate findings.

6th Grade World History

Students will explore the beginning of mankind through ancient world civilizations.

7th Grade Civics

Students will study the history, organization, and functions of the U.S. Constitution and the responsibilities of its citizens.

8th Grade United States History

Students will explore the establishment of European civilizations in North America, the resulting United States, it’s growth across the continent, and it’s near self-destruction.