Reading Counts

Scholastic reading counts

Scholastic's Reading Counts program works by providing students with reading practice and testing them on the content they read. Students are matched with books based on the Lexile Framework for Reading, and quizzes are automatically generated based on the book and the student's needs. 

Language Arts teachers begin the school year by Lexile testing their students to see the level they are reading at. Once the Lexile score is obtained students are encouraged to read books at or above that level. Books in our school library that have Reading Counts quizzes associated with them have a red dot on the spine of the book. Along with the red dot is a label stating the book's Lexile level and the amount of points a student can obtain by passing the Reading Counts quiz on the book. Many of our Language Arts teachers expect students to have a certain amount of Reading Counts points per marking period. Check with your child to see if this is the case for their class. 

The following website will allow you to search book titles to see if there is a Reading Counts test associated and will provide you with the Lexile and point value of the book.
Scholastic Book Wizard